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For many fishing enthusiasts, the prospect of chartering a fishing trip may raise the question: Is charter fishing worth the money? Luck o’ The Irish Fishing Charters in Fort Myers, FL, believes that the answer lies not just in the cost but in the unforgettable experience that

If you’re visiting Fort Myers and looking for a fun and exciting way to experience the beauty of the area’s waters, then a back bay fishing charter might be just what you’re looking for. With its calm waters and abundance of fish, the back bay is a


Fun and Adventure Awaits

Types of Fishing Charters Fort Myers

We offer charters for the following:


Our Boat

Before Hurricane Ian made its attack on Fort Myers Beach in 2022, Luck o’ The Irish Fishing Charters proudly boasted two boats within our fleet. Unfortunately, our beautiful Mako did not survive the wretched storm . Fortunately, our fearless 27′ Carolina Skiff broke loose from the dock and rode through the hurricane like it was just another day in the back bay. It took us a few days to find her after the storm, where she was safely tucked away in the back parking lot of an apartment complex a few blocks from the marina. Talk about LUCK! Truthfully, it was a miracle. After a thorough inspection, we were delighted to confirm our Skiff suffered only minor cosmetic scratches which we have since repaired. In fact, she got a full makeover and looks prettier than ever!

We treat our boats like a part of the team. Our Skiff holds a special place in our hearts. She has been with us for over a decade and is still going strong. Without her, we wouldn’t be Luck o’ The Irish Fishing Charters! This spacious boat offers plenty of room to accommodate 4-6 passengers aboard our private fishing charters and sunset tours. Call Captain Rich today to book your fishing excursion.